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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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john: we are in first alert mode as heavy rain moves in. our vehicles on the roads. power outages cropping up. barbara: shots fired into a home overnight. a teenager shot. the investigation under way. john: music's biggest night. a look at the memorable moments at the grammys. good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday february 16. 6:00 and 59 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. potentially dangerous road conditions are leading to school delays and a closing. mecklinburg county, virginia, schools closed. john: durham public schools. franklin, granville. halifax, northampton. person, roanoke rapids and others on a two-hour delay. wake county schools operating on schedule. barbara: it may not be ice but the morning commute could be
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also some wind and could be outages. don, good morning. don: good morning to you. we are watching the line of showers, not a ton of thunder. it has weakened a bit but heavy rainfall with the line as in pours through putting down a good quarter to a half inch of rain in 15 minutes. it extends from roxboro through eastern durham county and now arriving over downtown raleigh. about a half hour to 45 minutes it picked up speed so it is ahead of schedule. moving into johnston county and in smithfield the next half hour and out of favorite but clinton will see it. goldsboro will be 7:00 to get to you. behind it, it is cooling it. 52 roxboro. 54 chapel hill. 56 fayetteville. looking at the day ahead. 57 now and by lunchtime clouds and sunshine, 55 degrees. we will talk more about the warm
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roads with amber rupinta. amber: watch for ponding on some roadways with the heavy rain. we have some of that we can show with a live picture. this is new hope and buffaloe road and you see some of the ponding as it pools. we have been dealing with the precipitation for the last two days and this morning a lot of rain. give yourself staextra time. volume is light but as we approach 7:00 it will change. there is the precipitation with the road weather index. blue is where you could encounter ponding. green is the precipitation all around the viewing area. earlier accidents that could slow down on hammond at i-40 and we will check the drive times in a few minutes. john: our breaking news vehicles are out monitoring the road conditions. the biggest problem right now is power outages. barbara: gloria rodriguez is in the cameron village area where
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look at that rain. gloria, good morning. gloria: good morning to you. i will take you right outside because it is pretty dramatic. look at this rain falling. this is clark avenue here in cameron village. you can see it is hard to keep the windshield wipers going long enough to clear the rain because it is coming down so hard. you look at the traffic light at daniel street, this was off just seconds to go. a couple of the lights here were off and nearly 900 people were without power. power has been restored to the traffic lights. we are going to drive around to see if it is restored to all residents. i did talk to a police officer here a few minutes ago and he tells me that two transformers blew because of the wind and that is what caused the power outage. he said power was not expected to be fully restored until 7:00 but we are seeing some lights
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be without power a little longer. if you look at the roads here you can see some ponding there. >> it is important you drive slowly. we are in breaking news one so the camera distorts in a little. so it looks like we are going faster than we actually are. you can see the ponding on the side of the road. in addition to this rain, it has been windy so you may encounter some rough conditions this morning. just make sure you drive slowly today and be careful out there on the roads. back to you in the studio. barbara: gloria, thank you want john: we want to go to meteorologist don schwenneker with breaking news. don: we can go to the radar and moments ago the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for wake county and johnston county until 6:30 this morning. doppler radar indicating it is capable of producing winds in excess of 55 miles an hour.
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it is moving east at over 50 miles an hour. so, let's zoom down on eastern wake county and johnston county and it is hard to see the warning. it is in yellow but it is hard to see it with the radar. eastern half of wake county and johnston county under a severe thunderstorm washing. straight line winds have caused problems with power lines blowing done trees an damaging mobile homes and other buildings possibly. seek shelter in a sturdy structure. so that is a severe thunderstorm warning for eastern wake county and johnston county. this is for the probability of seeing high wind gusts. we have been watching it go 40 miles an hour ahead of this. once it is up to 55 plus that is when they have to issue a warning. not much has changed other than you could see wind gusts 10 phaorls more than we were talking about. but in eastern wake county and johnston county you need to be inside. if you can delay your trip until
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cleared, i promise that will be a lot better for you. we will watch for any more warnings and update you on this in a couple of minutes. barbara: heavy rain and power outages a problem in durham as well. john: some traffic lights out in the morehead avenue area. anthony wilson is there. what can you tell us about what you are seeing? anthony: i'm seeing darkness except for the parts lit up by our headlights. we will give you an idea of how dark it is. we will look at the rear camera in breaking news one. you see the reflection. down at the other end those are traffic lights that are working. compare that with the view from the front. nothing. just what is lit up by our headlights. this is one area that still has no power. we are talking about chapel hill and morehead. morehead and 10th.
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all the way to lakewood still no power. about 1,200 customers in the dark we are told. it should be restored, according to the outage map, by 8:30. but if you are driving through here here, this is part of your commute please be careful because there are no traffic signals at some of the intersections. you can see it is very dark here and add the rain and you have potentially hazardous conditions. so, please keep your eyes open and driver slowly and we will -- drive slowly and we will let you know when the power comes back on and if there is anything else to be concerned about. john: anthony, thank you. wake county announcing make-up days for yesterday's missed classes. for year round students in the track one, three and four you will go to school this coming saturday to make up that's ammed day. the traditional calendar students make it up on monday april 25 which was scheduled as
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barbara: a possible drive-by shooting is under investigation in cumberland county. a 17-year-old hit twice by bullets. authorities say somebody opened fire on this mobile home on snapper court and the teenager inside was hit in the neck and knee. we are working to find out his condition. deputies say at least 12 shots were fired at the home. john: wake county law enforcement center closing arguments in the traveon smith murder trial will begin today. they were put on hold yesterday because of weather. he is accused of killing melissa huggins-jones in 2013. the young mother's 8-year-old daughter found her body. friday the prosecution rested and defense decided not to present evidence. you can watch the closing arguments streaming live at barbara: it is 6:09 and 59 degrees. workers at two north carolina plants just found out they are losing their jobs.
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1,200 workers go. and leaping leopard, the endangered big cat on the slopes. see how the skiers react. barbara: abc11 together update a specially equipped car stolen and how your donations will forth only help him but another handicapped person the a thunderstorm warning just issued. don? don: for johnston county and eastern wake county understood the severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30. wind gusts could be in excess of 58 miles an hour. looking at radar, a line of showers working through and
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we will talk about that and don: welcome back. weather and traffic together. we will talk traffic in a moment. we have a severe thunderstorm warning for eastern wake county and johnston county. this runs through 6:30. this line has picked up a lot of speed and is moving almost 55 miles an hour. moving the speed of a car on the interstate. that runs into some trees that have weakened roots from the rain and sleet and snow and we are seeing trees come down and power outages with this system. we will watch that.
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virginia border to sampson county. it looks like it has weakened a little bit but it is running over the radar and that will doubt the intensity. there is plenty of rain and wind. temperatures falling a little bit. 52 rocksxboro. 55 r.d.u. 61 smithfield, goldsboro and clinton. 55 fayetteville. 54 southern pines. looking at the day ahead we are at 55 right now with rain. by lunchtime we see 55, clouds and sunshine. dry and rain is out of here and near 65 this afternoon. we will talk about the roads now with amber rupinta. amber: we are dealing with rain and very different story than yesterday. but we have some areas where you could encounter ponding. take it easy and give yourself a lot of extra time. this is wade avenue at 440, looks like a disabled vehicle off to the side. you can see the rain coming down. that is what you are dealing with.
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all of the blue is where you could encounter ponding. it is pretty widespread. you see the green, that is just precipitation. we had an earlier accident around hammond and i-40. that should be clear. it has been there some time. drive times into durham on time. a little slower due to rain but seven minutes northbound i-40 to u.s. 15, no accidents in that area. john: now to the must-see video and went weather causing this icy wipeout on tape in the u.k. the vehicle rolling on to the roof and coming to a rest in the grass. it came just moments after another vehicle skidded off the road in the same place. fortunately neither driver was injured. skiers come to an abrupt stop when a snow leopard lebron james out of nowhere -- leaps out of nowhere. this is india. skiers not sure what to do. then the leopard decides what to do.
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from the snow, gives out a loud roar and looks like it is going for a skier but turns and disappears into the snow covered trees. the encounter was last week. >> [inaudible]. barbara: a single father remembering one of the toughest days of his life but abc11 and your generosity are helping to restore his faith. someone stole his specially equipped car out of his driveway in raleigh. he got it back over the weekend but doesn't need it any more after his car was stolen a go fund me account created to raise $5,000 for a new one. family, friends and strangers poured out support and topped his goal in only 24 hours. he plans to donate his old car
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raleigh police are still searching for the person who stole the car. single father just got a new job. low down. 6:15 fplt 6:15. gas war. john: the gas stations that had gas selling for as low as 17 cents a gallon. barbara: rocking at the grammys. a look at the big moments during the biggest night of music. john: we are monitoring the changing weather condition.
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john: good morning, 1kwr676:17. we are in first alert mode, another potentially treacherous commute ahead as a line of heavy rain moves in. a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for eastern wake county and johnston county. that is until 6:30.
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on hillsborough street and you can see the winds shield wipers washing washing -- working hard. durham public schools on a two-hour delay. the big issue is power outages in the morehead avenue area putting about 1200 in the dark. barbara: more than 1200 freight liner workers learned they are losing their jobs. the last day can be friday. workers at daimler's truck manufacturing plant were told that the company is cutting their jobs. daimler took over the plants that were run by the freight liner. it is offering to pay them through the middle of april. daimler says the cut is due to reduction in orders. a gas war in toledo, ohio. it led to happy drivers. this began at this pilot travel center when a computer glitch will unleaded selling for 49 cents a gallon.
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a gallon and drivers took advantage of this and the circle k across the street dropped its prices to 17 cents a gallon. the war spread on social media and lasted about three hours. there's is fun. barbara: three nice hours. the biggest night of music was last night with the grammys. most of them were announced before the telecast leaving more time for memorable performances. john: including lady georgia's tribute to david bowie.
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red hair and costume with john: much more on g.m.a. including a look at fashion. that is always a big deal. don: we have a steer thunderstorm warning -- severe thunderstorm warning in eastern wake and johnston. the heavy rain is over the radar site and that makes everything dull down a little. it is raining very heavily right now. we will zoom down into that area and you can see this area of showers in eastern wake county on the east side of the 540 beltway. wake forest to wendell on top of you moving knew the next 10 minutes. clayton and smithfield it is just west of you. it will press off to the east in wilson, rocky mount and goldsboro and looking north you will see granville, vance
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though not severe at this time. we look into downtown raleigh and temperature is 54, dew point 54 and 100% humidity. southwest winds nine miles an hour. let's look into durham where the heaviest rain is shut off. you had .81 since midnight. 54 and south wind five. fayetteville checks in with 55 degrees right now and you have had just under .8 rain. south winds seven. taking a look at temperatures across the region. as the rain moves through it dropped the numbers. we were almost 60 at r.d.u. and 54 now. 55 fayetteville and 60 clinton. this is the line working through. the worst part of it has picked up speed moving about 50 to 55 miles an hour. that goes over trees and they have loose roots from the rain and sleet and snow, we are seeing power outages and trees
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it clears out quickly as we go toward lunchtime, showing the partly sunny skies and into the afternoon we will see skies clear and tonight we could have a secondary rounds of showers work through so we will watch for that. in wake county and raleigh today rain this morning, by lunchtime up to 55 and into the afternoon we will see partly sunny skies and breezy conditions. near 60 degrees. we will look at the forecast across the area. you will top out in siler city at 58, 61 smithfield and 59 wendell and durham. 60 holly springs. south temperatures will be in the 60's, 62 in fayetteville, 60 lillington, 59 sanford. north temperatures will be in the 60's as well, wilson to 60, 62 tarboro, 55 roxboro. tonight temperatures back into the 30's for overnight lows. 37 raleigh, 40 fayetteville, 35 henderson.
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powered by accuweather showing temperatures over the next couple of days going into the mid 50's on wednesday, thursday 51 and friday 53 and saturday 65. i'm sorry to do this to amber because it will cut into her time but there's a now severe thunderstorm warning for nash county county, franklin county, vance county and granville county all understood that severe thunderstorm warning. doppler radar indicating a line with damaging winds up to 60 miles an hour. locations include rocky mount, henderson, oxford, nashville. franklin ton. new warnings, nash, franklin and southern vance and granville
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where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. amber: we have a check of the roads on this soggy tuesday. watch for an accident off to the side 540 and offerings parkway. you can see glistening on the roads. a lot of rain coming down and this is what you are seeing with the road weather index. a lot of color. blue is where you could encounter ponding. we are seeing that in some d.o.t. cameras so watch for that. the green is where it is just wet with precipitation falling around 95, rocky mount, travelling in that area.
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that is the accident we saw 540 road. an accident there. barbara: it is now 6:29. it is a dog eatused hillary trail.
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mode, heavy rain moving in and barbara: we are in first alert mode again this morning, severe thunderstorms moving through right now. john: we are seeing problems with power outages and street flooding. barbara: good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday february 16, 59 degrees at 6:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. let's get to meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center with new updates. don: we have a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings. we will show you the warnings. we have the one issued about five minutes ago including central vance, southern vance. central granville down into nash county. that is the first one that runs until 7:00. moments ago the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for eastern johnston county, northern wayne county and wilson county in central north carolina, locations including smithfield.
6:31 am
elm city, goldsboro, sell marks sharps sharpsburg and fremont. we will turn the radar on. it is not into wayne county yet but we have wind gusts ahead of the system all morning up into the mid to upper 40 miles an hour. now you can see wind gusts in excess of 60 miles an hour. we will run along this line and you have light to moderate rain back into roxboro but notice in henderson we will have the latest radar picture and that line just west of henderson and williams williamsboro, louisburg the heaviest line just west of you will be there the next 10 minutes. it is moving out of wake county and wake county is dropped from the steer thunderstorm although wendell you are in heavy rain and zebulon on your doorstep. into johnston and wilson mills on top ofou and smithfield and beatenville and newton grover. it will be in grantham and
6:32 am
it advances east. as it is raining it is challenging. you were in the 60's, favorite. you are 55. sanford down to 51. 52 roxboro. no worse about this refreezing. it will be warm throughout the morning. looking at the day lunchtime mixture of clouds and sunshine and going home we will be near 60 under partly sunny skies. again we have severe thunderstorm warnings and we will watch that throughout the morning and right now we will watch the roads with amber rupinta. amber: if you can wait until the severe thunderstorm warnings expire that would probably be the best rule of thumb if you are in the bull's eye of some of those areas don was mentioning. everyone in the viewing area dealing with precipitation. there is an accident 540 eastbound at aviation parkway the flashing lights there off to the side and you can see glisteningen to the roads here -- glistening on the roads. extra time is needed.
6:33 am
blue is where it could be ponding. we are seeing some of that. then you have the green. that is the accident we looked at. and hammond road and at that point knowing and then -- chapanoke road. barbara: we have a number of school delays. john: durham public schools, franklin county, granville, halifax, northampton. orange, person county, roanoke rapids, advance county and warren county all on a two-hour delay. barbara: schools in mecklinburg county, virginia, closed. you can check closings and delays any time on and the abc11 weather app. wake county on normal schedule. the heavy rain is causing or high weekendss causing power outages. barbara: duke energy reports thousands without power right now. here is a look at the outage
6:34 am
hardest hit. right now about 5,000 people without power in wake county. 3,000 in granville and more than 1,000 in durham. john: we will go to gloria rodriguez in one of our mobile news units. she's monitoring the power outages and rain. gloria? gloria: yes, one police officer was telling me the wind is what caused a power outage in cameron village. weave just there and power was just restored there. we are hearing about an outage on middle brook near creedmoor. a look outside we are on mills brook and trying to find out the power outage. we have reports many people here are without power so we are trying to find the exact area. over in cameron village we had a couple of traffic lights that were out. they were restored and power has been restored there. nearly 900 without power
6:35 am
a police officer tells me the wind was the blame for some transformers that blew out and it looks like that problem has been fixed. if you look outside you will see the rain continuing to fall. at this time you can't really see it too much but we did experience some heavy wind earlier. it is kind of coming and going but you will feel it so prepare for that. and the rain that continues. the other big thing we are seeing, pond inging on several local roads. so be careful we you drive you don't want to drive too fast. drive a little slower and be prepared to possibly driver on some pond -- possibly drive on some pounding. we will post as soon as we hear about anything new you need it know about. john: thank you. barbara: anthony wilson is live in breaking news one.
6:36 am
anthony: we are going down chapel hill street close to the lakewood shopping is center where there is power in the shopping center but in front of us you are seeing oncoming traffic. that is the only lights you are getting. otherwise no streetlights, no traffic lights and it has been like this a while. apparently about 1,300 customers are waiting for the power to come on and we will look at video that just came in showing a fallen tree on rolling pines avenue locate the near this area. no confirm place from duke power that is what caused the power outage. but the exact cause of the outage we are dealing with here in the lakewood area not yet anyone but back live you are looking again at a bus coming
6:37 am
the rain is reflecting. if you plan to commute in this area the next couple hours you may want to be on the lookout. in is a truck through the intersection and you can't see it but there are travel signals up there in the darkness not working. so please go slowly and look both ways because you really cannot tell until it is too late that there is a car or truck bearing down on you. and if you are driving this way, of course, you will see the headlights. we will let you know when things improve and look at, twitter and abc11 mobile app. we are live in durham in mobile news 1. barbara: with the weather capable of changing the best tool to stay up to date is the first alert weather app. it has live doppler radar, school closings, delays and weather alerts and you can upload photos and videos to us. 6:38 and fire forces families
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john: why a drag soldier is called a her soldier is a hero. barbara: where people clean up after a rare tornado in 10.
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don: welcome back. we are looking at radar. you can see the strong line of showers working through smithfield and into johnston county and on south into clinton and sampson county. we will talk about the warnings we have because the national weather service just updated this taking granville county out. henderson, to louisburg and into nash county all under that until 7:00. wilson and eastern johnston
6:41 am
under a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:15. it seems from this lane -- it stems from this lin of showers. we will -- line of showers working across the region headed to goldsboro, wilson and rocky mount. temperatures running in the 50's. 52 in roxboro. 53 chapel hill. 52 sanford. 59 smithfield and 55 in fayetteville. looking at the day ahead the temperatures across the region in the 50's and 54 right now. by lunchtime a mixture of clouds and sunshine and 55 degrees. this afternoon we will see 60's degrees with a chance of sunshine working in and warmer temperatures working out of here. fayetteville, you will see today. we will talk more about that in a bit but now we check the roads with amber rupinta. amber: give yourself extra time. we are dealing with that rain.
6:42 am
you see the glistening on the roads. you need to give yourself a few extra minutes. we are moving, fine through this area but we have a couple of accidents. all of the blue is where you could encounter heavier precipitation and ponding. the green is just showers. rocky mount, 90, deal withing rain. 540 east and aviation parkway an accident there. also accident 440 at wake forest. raleigh hammond and chapanoke. this is 540 and 70 glenwood avenue moving fine and 540 we are seeing a little volume picking up but overall on time. this is 540 and john: 40. john: several states cleaning up after springlike weather in the middle of winter. this tornado was caught on video in florida about 10 to 20 homes damaged in century, florida. a few people suffered minor
6:43 am
officials say it could have been worse. twist twisters were reported in alabama and louisiana. barbara: just a few hours ago cars much slipping and sliding across roads in the triangle. john: 85 was shut down at the 15/501 exit last night several hours after this crash involving eight vehicles. police say it was weather related. no one was hurt but it was one 6r7 hundreds of -- hundreds much accidents. john: 6:43 and 55 degrees. just when thought then cause hillary clinton it bark at
6:44 am
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america runs on dunkin'. barbara: welcome back, 6:46. john: we are in first alert mode. barbara: severe weather moving through and we will check with meteorologist don schwenneker in a few minutes on that. first a fort bragg soldier called a hero after running into a burning apartment to save a family. heavy flames were pouring from the apartments off cliffdale road when firefighters arrived. some residents were afraid to leave the home and that is when the soldier rushed into action. >> i went out to see if they were ok and there were two kids and a lady and had no fire extinguisher. we got her out. barbara: no one was hurt. investigators say it started on a balcony. john: we have heard pretty
6:47 am
trail but we have not heard something like that for republicans. barbara: a lot of amazing performances at the grammys but only one is apologizing. >> all i ask is if barbara: adele performed "all i ask" but some were asking if she was off her game because she sounded flat. fans took to twitter to express outrage at the sound issue. she cleared it up after the show tweeting that the piano's mics fell on the piano strings and made it sound out of tune. we are in first alert mode. john: we will check with meteorologist don schwenneker, looking at heavy rain. barbara: we will talk about that
6:48 am
we have warnings in effect right now. henderson to louisburg and spring hope a severe thunderstorm warning 11 more minutes. into the southern areas to wilson, northwestern wayne and eastern johnston county under a severe thunderstorm warning. we will shut the warning part off and turn on the radar and you see showers moving into warren county. you are not under a warning but we are seeing strong and heavy rain through vance county and east of louisburg, western nash county. sliding south from smithfield to sampson. this is the line moving east. it has weakened as far as the rainfall but it is moving very fast and the reason the warnings are issued is because we are seeing winds in excess of 50 plus miles an hour bringing down trees and causing power outages. looking into downtown raleigh
6:49 am
54 degrees, dew point 54. southwest wind nine. fayetteville 55 degrees, you have had since midnight almost an inch of rain, .86. durham at .95 inch. that is since midnight. temperatures right now have again down where the rain has moved through. we are down to 50 # roxboro, 52 sanford, 55 fayetteville. 59 goldsboro. 34 degrees warmer in louisburg and wilson than this time yesterday. everybody 25 to 30 degrees warmer than yesterday. this is the lane -- line moving through. the back edge is working into moore county. i think by lunchtime aware done with the bulk -- we are done with the bulk of the rain. this afternoon sunshine and
6:50 am
overnight we have another system working in that could bring rain. this is green and we won't see any frozen precipitation. it clears out tomorrow and the sunshine works back in. the forecast in raleigh is rain ending through the morning and by lunchtime back up to 55 degrees and this afternoon partly sunny skies move in, breezy and temperatures climb near 60. we will hit the highs this afternoon and around 60 across wake county and 58 siler city, 59 this afternoon in durham and 62 fayetteville this afternoon. 61 goldsboro, 62 commit. tarboro 62. 54 south hill and 55 roxboro. tonight the secondary chance of showers spotty, not everybody will see rain but there will be a stray shower, 37 raleigh. 40 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow 55 under partly sunny skies.
6:51 am
saturday back into the 60's and 60's sunday. severe thunderstorm warning for the eastern part of the area with winds in excess of 50 miles an hour. john: hang on to your hat. amber: after we get through today pretty nice. we will take it. we have to get through today. we have several accidents due to rain. as don said it is heavy in some spots. if you can wait for the warnings to expire that is probably a good rule of thumb. around 7:00 he was saying. but this is what you are driving into 440 westbound on glenwood avenue an accident there and police are there. the headlights are going westbound. it is blocking a lane there. you can see the rain coming down. we will go live to 440 and capital boulevard. there is a report of an accident on 440 eastbound at capital. our camera is not showing --
6:52 am
is not showing anything there -- there is the camera but there's report of an accident 440 eastbound. volume on capital. it is always so busy we you deal with rain. we are dealing with rain in the area. everybody is getting some. the blue is where it is heavier and there could be ponding including the raleigh-durham area and roxboro, henderson, smithfield area heavyier showers and rocky mount some rain. stalled vehicle 495 northbound at new hope road. john: 6:53 and the weather as
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
barbara: barbara: the morning rush now with weather the big story. john: thousands of people without power as heavy rain and high weekends move through -- winds and rain moves through. don: radar showing rain in wilson western nash county and moving east. goldsboro will satisfy showers in your area the next 15 minutes as that works through. severe thunderstorm warning for wayne county skwrl 7:15. now we have amber rupinta with
6:56 am
amber: it is a busy morning. we have a couple of accidents. lots of rain in the viewing area. blue is where you could see pondsing. we have an accident with the d.o.t. camera 440 westbound at glenwood avenue. that is very busy. extra time is needed. barbara: thousands without power this morning across the viewing area. this is the hardest hut -- hit areas in wake county and 3,000 in granville and just under 2,000 in durham. that may surprise you but it is getting better. john: that is better. barbara: "good morning america" is next. john: for barbara, amber, don and the rest of the time johnson.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. weather whiplash. a wild swing in temperatures and slick roads spark major accidents. a massive pileup overnight. 17 reported tornadoes in the south destroying homes, businesses, and cars. and a new batch of bad weather moving in right now. just four days until the next showdown, jeb bush calling
7:00 am
>> i've been -- misunderestimated most of my life. >> as donald trump unleashes a tirade against the bushes and ted cruz. >> aye never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. and he goes around saying he's a christian. >> now threatening to take cruz to court. donald trump is joining us live this morning. stunning revelation. the wrestling superstars now speaking out about the secret they kept for so long. why wwe star daniel bryan's wife agreed to keep quiet about her husband's concussions, the ones that eventually forced him to call it quits. everybody and the grammys rocking all night long. lionel richie saying "hello" to music's biggest night. taylor swift taking home a huge award and taking on kanye west. >> you don't let those people side-track you. we could be heroes just for one day >> and lady gaga with an


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